• Member Care

MPI Wisconsin Chapter’s Member Care program was designed to give MPI members the opportunity to be involved with the chapter; foster professional growth; and, networking & mentoring opportunities.

The program identifies the needs of each member and ensuring their satisfaction with the Chapter including:

New Member Welcome:
Once a member has joined, the MPI - Member Care office in Dallas will send a New Member welcome letter and kit.  Included is general information about the International organization and the membership identification number.

Next, the member can expect to receive a welcome call from a representative of the Wisconsin Chapter membership team who can answer any questions you may have about your new membership.

MPI 101:
Before select monthly education events, MPI-WI offers a complimentary info session for members. New members come to learn about the many opportunities available in the chapter, and veteran members come to share experiences or reinvigorate your membership! Attending this session will really help you get the most out of your membership. Learn about what benefits are available to you, how you can volunteer and get involved, and have the chance to meet other members. 

Buddy/Mentor Program
Every member brings to the Chapter a different base of experience, both professionally and personally.  The chapter’s buddy system was implemented to create a vehicle for new members to connect with experienced chapter members.  Some members find this valuable to pair up with another planner who can guide them through the CMP certificate program.  Other members connect to better understand current trends in the local/regional markets.  Since MPI Wisconsin is a state-wide organization, it is not uncommon for Buddies to ride-share to educational events and sitting together at chapter functions.

New Member Orientation:
It is important that new members learn as much as possible about the organization that they have joined in order to encourage involvement.  Each term, MPI WI chapter holds a formal orientation program for new members to meet chapter leaders and their newly assigned buddies.  This face-to-face orientation is a great way for people to find commonalities in both professional and personal lives.

Red Carpet Team:
MPI – WI Chapter’s Red Carpet team is made of chapter members who have a history of involvement with the chapter..  Several of them are former Board of Directors and have volunteered on numerous committees.  Each meeting, the Red Carpet team stands near the registration table to greet guests & new members and help members with questions.  We are fortunate to have this wealth of experience ready to members feel welcome.

Volunteer Recruitment:
Each Spring, MPI-WI holds a volunteer recruitment activity at a monthly educational event. Members gather to learn about the many volunteer opportunities within the chapter and have the opportunity to sign up to participate in various areas of the chapter including Membership, Communications, Monthly Events and more!

Member Survey:
Every year, members receive a member survey from both MPI – International and MPI WI Chapter.  The purpose is to provide opportunities for members to provide their input on their level of satisfaction with both the international and state organizations.  Once the surveys are compiled MPI WI chapter Board of Directors reviews the accumulated responses as a way of developing guidelines and policies for the upcoming year.